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Handsome Devils Co. supplies quality, handcrafted and Australian made hot sauces, condiments and spices for those who like a little handsome in their life.

HDC Chipotle

Handsome Devils Co. Condiments  chiptole_Easy-Resize.com.jpg
Handsome Devils Co. Condiments  chiptole_Easy-Resize.com.jpg

HDC Chipotle

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A sweet and smoky treat, HDC Chipotle blends quality smoke-dried Jalapeno chillies with a dark and mysterious mix of spices. Thick-bodied and rich, HDC Chipotle perfectly marries flavour and heat. Try it on BBQ-ed anything, burritos, eggs – hell it’s great on everything!

Ingredients: Water, vinegar, lime juice, tomato paste, smoked jalapeño  peppers, onion, honey, garlic, salt, spices.


Heat: Medium.

Some settling of contents may occur - shake well before use!

Refrigerate after opening.

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Shipping Info:

One bottle - $8

Two bottles - $11

3-pack - $12.50

2 x 3-pack - $14

3 x 3-pack - $16

Here at HDC we've tried to keep shipping costs as low as possible. Due to the intricacies of Australia Post's parcel charges (and our spectacular 250ml bottle size), it turns out that sending three bottles doesn't cost much more than sending one. 

International Shipping:

HDC ships internationally! We use Air Mail and prices varies by destination. 

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