Handsome Devils Co.

Curiously Crafted By Australian Gentlemen

Handsome Devils Co. supplies quality, handcrafted and Australian made hot sauces, condiments and spices for those who like a little handsome in their life.


About The Handsome Devils

Curiously Crafted by Australian gentlemen. Handsome Devils Co. are pioneering a new path in quality condiments and spices. Our products are all natural and all about flavour.

Handsome Devils Co. hot sauce is all about the best flavours, the highest quality ingredients, and a nice hot kick (that wont burn your face off) that you will fall in love with at every meal.  No added sugars, preservatives, colours.  No nasties, no compromises.  

We know our hot sauce is the best you'll taste in Australia (and... ahem... the world.)  And if you don't believe us, Good Food Australia has rated our De Arbol Hot Sauce the number one in Australia:  http://www.goodfood.com.au/good-food/top-10-cook/taste-test-top-10-newwave-australian-hot-sauces-20160215-gmjok0.html


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HDC is..


The boy genius. The level of this gentleman’s IQ is only matched by the size of his brachioradialis. With an acute mind for business, Ian can massage the logistics of hot sauce production into a well-oiled machine. Much like he can massage the kinks out of old lady’s backs in his day job as a physiotherapist. If the zing in that chipotle sauce snaps your neck back, you know whom to call.


The sauce creator. Chilli aficionado. Gentleman. There’s nothing that brings Ryan more joy than standing over a boiling pot of deliciousness. He is the concoctor. The hot sauce doctor. When not up to his armpits in smoked habaneros, you can find Ryan out the back at Bondi, or working on his ink collection. Hot sauce, salsa, beard oil – the man does it all! 


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